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Where is there dancing?

Dance Diary is a quarterly magazine published for those who

want to get out there and enjoy dancing socially around

London & South-East England. For those who can dance

and want more information on where and when there is dancing.

Dance Diary is 44-pages plus in a handy A5 size.

The leading publication on the Social Dance scene for those

who want to dance in two's whatever the style.

If its a "couples dance" then we will promote it.


What is Social Dancing?

Not competitive dancing. This is Social Dancing capturing the social graces.

"Couples Dancing" is making a big comeback with all age groups.

Moving to music is natural and therapeutic.

Everyday dancing is enjoyed by millions of people.

Dancing for fun whether it is Ballroom, Jive, Tango or Salsa.

We enjoy the music, meeting people, socializing and a having few dances.

Just like going to any club but with a difference. We dance in two's to a wide variety of music.


What types of Dancing?

There are Social Dances where you can:

Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Quickstep, Jive, Samba.

As well as LeRoc, Rock'n'Roll, West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop.

And Salsa, Mambo and Argentine Tango.

Even Old Time and Modern Sequence. And there's more! Much more!!


Where can I learn?

For those who want to learn there are dance classes and courses

in all kinds of dances held in halls and studios everywhere.

You do not need a partner to walk into a class or studio to start to

learn. Many classes, especially in Jive and Salsa, insist that you do

not need a partner and there are often more men than ladies!!!


Discover a compelling and absorbing pastime!

Your leisure time can be full of healthy exercise and relaxing

entertainment that will energise you for life. It will give you

confidence to make new friends. Discover the vast expanse of

good music and the pleasure it can bring. Dance to it in twos.

Dance with someone.

Move effortlessly and assuredly on the floor. Seize the fun.

Get Healthy! Get Happy!! Get Dancing!!!


What does Dance Diary contain?

Dance Diary lists where and when for Dance Venues,

Dance Schools, Studios and courses for all styles and types of dancing.

There are short breaks and holidays.

Dance requisites and accessories. Articles, reviews, news and comments.

Looking for a partner? We have a section!


Remember !!

Dancing gives you...

Fun + Fitness + Friends


How do I get my copy?


and from STOCKISTS

Dance Diary, 30 The Crescent, WELWYN, Herts AL6 9JQ

United Kingdom

Telephone: ++44 (0)1438 840066


We started Dance Dairy in 1993 to promote "Social Dancing"

when many people thought "couples dancing" meant

dressing up in tail suits and sparkly dresses and having

a number on your back.

Dance Diary promotes Social Dancing making

no distinction between the various styles of dancing

from Sequence to Salsa.

Since starting Dance Diary attitudes within the profession

have changed and Social dancing of all styles is

recognised as an expanding social pastime and important

to the whole world of dance.

If you are a dancer, teacher, organiser, promoter, writer

who wishes to contribute or advertise in our magazine

contact us NOW!

Tel: 01438 840066